Colorado Group Trip Part 2

For the group’s last day in Colorado Springs, the original plan was to visit the zoo in the morning but we woke up to slushy snow falling! It was freezing and wet so that was not happening. Instead we went to Denny’s for a hot breakfast and dry hang out time. Thankfully the snow didn’t last long. The group packed up camp and we went to the Olympic Training Center for a tour. The training center is a state of the art campus with every facility an athlete could want, including a room where they can artificially change the elevation, temperature, and humidity! On staff they have trainers, nutritionists, doctors and scientists to help tease out every possible advantage. It was a cool thing to see.

After the tour it was time to drive to Denver! Ryan and I were having fun hanging out with people so we followed them up to the city. It was snowing again but they really wanted to go downtown for dinner, so we braved the freezing slush and caught the light rail down to the Union Station. I had picked out a place for dinner called Freshbrew. It was only a few blocks from the station and had craft beers and yummy food. That night the group was kind enough to let us bum off their hotel room by using the available hot tub and then shower. And then again in the morning by partaking in the free breakfast!

Their flight wasn’t until the evening. Montana was insistent that we lunch at a place called the Denver Biscuit Company. All their food centered around fresh main biscuits and it was just as amazing as it sounds. We all got biscuit sandwiches and it was so filling and satisfying, I can’t believe there isn’t an equivalent in Minneapolis. It was still cold out so we agreed to just hang out at a nearby brewery until it was time for the gang to leave. It was a great time.


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